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What’s the relationship between diabetes and dental care?

Diabetes and dental treatment have a relationship that affects those suffering from diabetes of all ages. Studies have found that there is a clear correlation between diabetes and gum disease in particular, whether you are newly diagnosed or have had diabetes for many years.

Diabetes Dental Care

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Diabetes: A Health Concern for Millions of Americans

Diabetes is a common disorder affecting Americans from coast to coast. The Center for Disease Control reports that more than 100 million Americans suffer from either diabetes or pre-diabetes. A significant number are unaware that they even have the condition.

Although there are multiple forms of diabetes, all include changes in the way the body processes sugar brought on by resistance to insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that is instrumental in using sugar.

Diabetes has many symptoms and systemic effects on the body. However, many can be mitigated by monitoring and regulating blood sugar. In particular, it’s important to reduce dietary intake of refined sugars.

What Diabetes Patients Should Know About Dental Care

Although diabetes has a number of complications, one, in particular, impacts dental health: reduced blood circulation in the extremities, which can impact the gums.

Your gums – also known as periodontal tissue – are every bit as significant as teeth themselves. Throughout life, the gums are responsible for a vital supply of blood that safeguards tooth health. Everything from the root to the porous enamel depends on this.

Due to restricted blood flow and slower wound healing, people with diabetes can suffer from far greater complications of gingivitis and gum disease than others do. They are more likely to need care including general periodontal treatment, periodontitis treatment, and gum grafts.

Prevention: Diabetes

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How to Support Peak Dental Health After Being Diagnosed with Diabetes

Diabetes does not mean you will inevitably develop any dental condition. However, it is even more important to brush every day and floss regularly. In addition to disrupting plaque build-up, brushing helps to “massage” the gums and encourage better blood circulation.

What else is vital to know? While many people encounter gingivitis – mild inflammation of the gums – it is crucial to prevent it from becoming full periodontitis, or gum disease. Bleeding or discoloration of the gums should be investigated by a dentist immediately. This is because aggressive treatment, such as a gum grafts procedure, has longer recovery time for diabetes sufferers.

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