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Empress Restorations. Do you want a cosmetic dental restoration that will give you truly beautiful yet natural-looking teeth?

People from Lake Jackson and communities throughout the Houston metro area are learning just how powerful – and accessible – advanced cosmetic dentistry can be.

One of the most exciting new treatments of the last several years is IPS Empress Restorations – a system built to make your teeth breathtakingly gorgeous while supplying strength and ease of care.


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Dental Veneers by Empress: The Difference

When people think about porcelain veneers in Lake Jackson, TX, they are usually thinking about standard restorations made from porcelain or related composite materials. Porcelain veneers cover the visible surface of the teeth: They can protect teeth, cover up staining and deal with minor shaping imperfections.

When they were introduced, porcelain veneers were revolutionary because of how closely they could resemble the natural color and shade of the teeth. As they age, they also tend to maintain coloration that blends in easily with the mature teeth around them.

In most cases, these veneers are effective – but there is an alternative for those who want the very best.

Veneers made with the Empress process are crafted from leucite glass-ceramic. The procedure has been performed more than 40 million times and offers unsurpassed aesthetic value – superior to even the most trusted traditional options.

The secret is the way this unique material scatters light naturally, creating balanced shading in any light. Its translucency gives it a lifelike appearance that remains over time, blending in seamlessly with surrounding teeth.

Empress is Ideal for Single Tooth Restorations

Empress crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays are among the best options in the world for restoring a tooth with unparalleled aesthetic value. All Smiles Dentistry is proud to be Lake Jackson, TX’s top dental provider of this exclusive breakthrough.

To obtain these outstanding results, each tooth must be evaluated and treated separately. Still, you can get Empress restorations for multiple teeth at the same time if needed. A treatment plan from the team at All Smiles can help you get your restorations done with minimal office visits.

Empress veneer’s cost depends on your needs and how many teeth will be treated. With these top-quality veneers, you may need to budget more than standard veneers or crowns. Visit our office or see our financing page to learn how we can help you afford treatment.

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Get Started with Empress Veneers Today at All Smiles Dentistry

All Smiles Dentistry strives to provide our friends in Lake Jackson, TX with effective and affordable dental treatment. We use the best technology available, and our ability to offer you Empress restorations is a reflection of our commitment to being the very best.

To find out more, contact us or book an appointment today.



“The dentists and staff at the Lake Jackson facility are wonderful. Nice clean office with the best technology. FYI: not a fan of going to the dentist! But they are an exceptional team”

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