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All Smiles Dentistry of Lake Jackson, TX is proud to provide the full spectrum of dental implants, bridges, and other tooth restoration solutions to our patients.


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Implants & Bridges at All Smiles Dentistry


Implants are a powerful solution when you need to replace one tooth or several consecutive teeth. The dental implants procedure begins with implantation of a specialized screw, the implant, placed in your jawbone. During the healing process, the screw and bone tissue unite very closely.

This provides a solid “platform” for the installation of new teeth. Because the implant teeth sit directly against healthy bone, they are less bulky than alternatives such as non-implanted dentures. At the same time, they are remarkably strong and durable.

Learn how to take care of your dental implants in our blog.

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Bridges are another approach for replacing several consecutive teeth. There are many different kinds of bridges. Fixed bridges are bridges that are not removable. They are cemented into the mouth using a specialized adhesive and are not intended to be removed.

In a dental bridge procedure, the two teeth on each side of the gap – called abutment teeth – hold up replacement teeth between them. The abutment teeth are crowned. This gives them the additional strength necessary to support the restorative bridge. Plus, the abutment teeth will have extra protection against trauma and tooth decay in the future. Fixed bridges are best for clients who find it easy and convenient to brush their teeth and do not feel they will benefit from being able to remove bridges for cleaning.

You can also learn more about how dental bridges benefit your overall health to make an informed decision.

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