Periodontal Maintenance Treatments in Lake Jackson, TX

Proactive periodontal treatment is essential for anyone who has suffered from gum disease in the past. In the aftermath of gum disease, committing to regular periodontal maintenance can defend you from recurrence of the condition while allowing your gums to heal better.

What is Periodontal Maintenance Therapy?

Periodontal maintenance cleanings are a special type of procedure; somewhat similar to regular dental cleanings you get for your teeth.

During a conventional dental cleaning, the surfaces of your teeth are cleaned with conventional hand tools and, in some cases, medical lasers. The purpose is to eliminate dental plaque so that advancing bacterial action will not lead to tooth decay.
A periodontal cleaning is very similar, but it focuses on the gum tissue throughout your mouth.

A complete periodontal cleaning effectively targets plaque both above and below the gum line. This is especially vital for patients who have already had gum disease. If plaque is allowed to develop unseen below the gum line, it can easily cause a relapse of gum disease.


Photo of a man receiving periodontal maintenance therapy in Lake Jackson, TX.

How Frequently Should You Get Periodontal Maintenance?

People prone to gum disease or gingivitis should schedule periodontal maintenance cleanings more often than those who’ve never had periodontal issues. Gingivitis is a low-level bacterial infection process characterized mainly by mild inflammation of the gums.

Although gingivitis is common, it can progress to severe gum disease very quickly. Periodontal maintenance cleanings can root out and eliminate gingivitis, protecting the sensitive gum tissue from harm.

Seeking regular gum care is also important because it gives your dentist the opportunity to ensure your dental health habits are working the way you expect them to. Catching any problems with the teeth and gums early can prevent serious problems down the road.

Periodontal maintenance cleanings take only a few minutes and cause no discomfort for most patients. They can be combined with regular teeth cleaning and x-rays, so you do not have to worry about making a special appointment just for gum care. That makes it easy and convenient every time.

At All Smiles Dentistry, we believe in making the entire experience comfortable for you. Thanks to our advanced training, we will always be able to offer you the latest techniques and dental technology. Our patients choose us again and again.

Healthy gums are needed for strong teeth and a beautiful smile. Across Lake Jackson, Pearland, and Brazoria County, All Smiles Dentistry is the trusted name for excellence in periodontal care.

Come to All Smiles Dentisty for Periodontal Care You Can Trust

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