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Dental Services. At All Smiles Dentistry, we pride ourselves on offering comfortable and quality dental care to patients across the Lake Jackson, TX area. Each one of our dedicated dental team members is here to help, whatever your needs may be. This team is led by caring and compassionate doctors: Dr. Norris, Dr. Spencer, and Dr. Vernor, each of whom is an expert in the dental field. We offer a wide variety of dental services to suit the needs of your whole family.

General Dentistry in Lake Jackson, Tx | All Smiles Dentistry

General Dentistry

Our office is happy to provide numerous general dentistry services to individuals and families in Lake Jackson and the surrounding neighborhoods. Our oral health experts recommend visiting a dentist at least once per year for a thorough exam to ensure the ongoing health of your teeth and gums. X-rays and physical examinations can help our dental team diagnose a range of oral health issues before they become too serious to easily fix.

We also recommend that patients see a dental hygienist for cleanings at least twice a year. This protects your teeth from harmful plaque and tartar build-up, keeping your smile healthy. In addition to cleanings, we can help with numerous other dental needs, including fillings and root canal therapy. We treat all of our patients with care and respect, focusing on meeting their dental needs in whatever way is best. Part of this involves the use of the latest in dental technology, Biolase. This is a relatively painless device, making dental treatments easy.


Implants and Bridges in Lake Jackson, Tx | All Smiles Dentistry

Implants and Bridges

Patients at All Smiles Dentistry can access a full range of restoration options, including dental implants and bridges. These are fantastic solutions for the replacement of one or multiple damaged or missing teeth. We believe that every patient deserves to have the smile of their dreams, which is why we work hard to find the right restoration solution for you.

Implants are a popular procedure, and they are ideal for people who only need to replace one tooth or who do not want to modify surrounding teeth as is required to receive bridges. The process is relatively straightforward, with minimal healing time. Once the implant is secure, they can last a lifetime. We also offer a wide range of bridge options, including removable and fixed bridges. In most cases, we recommend fixed bridges, especially to patients that do not have any issues with cleaning or brushing their teeth. If there are concerns or other issues, removable bridges are suggested.


Cosmetic Dentistry in Lake Jackson, Tx | All Smiles Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients looking for cosmetic dentistry in Lake Jackson, TX can visit us at All Smiles Dentistry for a Smile Makeover. This is a customized way to approach cosmetic services, designed to meet your unique needs. Our dental care staff works closely with you to find the right combination of cosmetic services and products that suit your lifestyle, including veneers, restorations, straightening, and alignment.

We are also proud to offer our patients a range of whitening products designed to work quickly and effectively, unlike over the counter products. These whitening solutions include take-home treatments for day and night, as well as an in-office procedure that produces amazing results.

Patients looking for the latest in veneers should contact one of our dental health experts to talk about lumineers, the latest in cosmetic dentistry. Unlike traditional veneers, lumineers are incredibly thin, which means your teeth do not need to be shaved. This makes the procedure faster and virtually pain-free.


Sleep Apnea Dental Care - All Smiles Dentistry

Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a potentially deadly disease that affects numerous people across the country. It happens when a person temporarily stops breathing while they are asleep due to the windpipe becoming blocked by part of the individual’s body. This leaves the sufferer feeling exhausted the next day. Most people with sleep apnea also have chronic fatigue and other health complications.

At All Smiles Dentistry, we work closely with your doctor to find an appropriate treatment method. In most cases, this involves the use of a customized dental or oral appliance. Measurements are taken of the patient’s teeth and mouth to ensure that the device fits perfectly and works as expected. While it may take a few days or weeks to have the device created, most patients notice an improvement in their quality of sleep almost immediately. You may also notice that you have more energy throughout the day and that it is easier to focus.


Lake Jackson Orthodontics - All Smiles Dentistry


Adults looking for orthodontic services in Lake Jackson can find a range of straightening and alignment services at All Smiles Dentistry. We have staff members who are certified in a range of straightening techniques. As a result, you are sure to find the perfect solution for your needs. Contrary to popular belief, you can improve the angle of your teeth at any age. Straight teeth are more than just an aesthetic choice; it can improve your overall oral and physical health. Our patients can benefit from numerous attractive straightening options, including Clear Correct and Invisalign.

During routine examinations, our dental staff monitors all patients, including children, for malocclusion. This refers to the misalignment of the teeth in a way that the top and lower parts of the mouth do not fit together properly. We are also happy to offer underbite, overbite, and crossbite treatment. Any young children who require the services of an orthodontist are closely monitored as our dental team works carefully with their staff members.


Periodontal Dentistry Lake Jackson - All Smiles Dentistry

Periodontal Treatments

Gum disease is a serious oral health issue that should be taken care of as soon as you notice the first signs. Getting treatment early ensures that you halt the progression of the disease before it becomes too difficult to treat or spreads to the bones. Periodontitis begins as gingivitis, which is a mild inflammation of the gums. Warning signs include pain, red gums, and light bleeding when brushing. A trip to the dentist and the resumption of good oral hygiene can be useful in limiting its progression.

Unfortunately, if gingivitis is left untreated, it can turn into periodontitis. Early warning signs include discoloration, pain when brushing, and increased bleeding from the gums. At All Smiles Dentistry, we are happy to offer a variety of treatment options to our patients, including scaling, root planning, flap surgery, and bone and gum grafts. The appropriate procedure depends on the patient, their needs, and the progression of the disease.

At All Smiles Dentistry, we pride ourselves on being a dental office unlike any other. Our team of doctors and healthcare staff is passionate about giving back the community that has treated them so well. You can find us at numerous charitable events throughout the year. We are focused on offering the very best in compassionate, comfortable, and high-quality dental care in Lake Jackson, TX.


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“I was very pleased with this dental facility and their dentist and dental assistants as well as office personnel. I had an emergency with a crown that had fallen off and a cavity that had fallen out and they took me in right away. Dr. Norris was very informative and answered all my questions. I can now say, that I truly am, all smiles!”

— Lisa N.

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How would you like to enjoy expert dental care right in your own community in Lake Jackson? All Smiles Dentistry is here to welcome you, no matter what your needs. To find out more, contact us today.


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