Do you have one or more teeth with staining, discoloration or minor imperfections in shape?

If you do, veneers may be the perfect solution.

Veeners are thin shells typically made from porcelain that cover the visible surfaces of teeth. They can restore the natural appearance of a tooth and reinforce its strength. What’s more, they also protect the underlying tooth from future decay.

When veneers are installed correctly and maintained properly over time, you’ll never have to worry about future cavities in the covered areas. This makes them a joy both aesthetically and as a preventative measure. Adults at any age can get them.

When it comes to veneers, Lumineers are the highest quality.

With Lumineers teeth truly look their best. That’s because ultra-thin Lumineers use a specialized porcelain material that offers the highest-quality aesthetic results. Thanks to a high degree of translucence, light scatters naturally across the veneer’s surface under any lighting conditions.

Both Lumineers and ordinary veneers blend in with the natural color and shade of teeth around them. Lumineers, however, have an extra degree of beauty and authenticity that’s second to none. Plus, the Lumineers procedure doesn’t require the removal of healthy enamel in the treated teeth.

This can easily make them worth a little bit more per tooth.

All Smiles Dentistry is also proud to offer:

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Porcelain Veneers

Traditional porcelain veneers provide the same degree of protection as Lumineers. For many patients, they’ll also offer the desired charming aesthetic appearance. They tend to offer a more modest investment than Lumineers, depending on the condition and number of teeth treated.

Lumineers are superior to porcelain veneers for those who want truly breathtaking teeth. There is also a practical concern: Traditional veneers require that some healthy tooth material be removed so the tooth’s surface is the right shape to bond perfectly with the veneer.

For this reason, underlying teeth may be stronger using Lumineers. Naturally, however, only the smallest amount possible is removed from the tooth when placing veneers. If you have any questions or concerns about the porcelain veneers process, simply ask us.

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