Having teeth whitened is not just for movie stars anymore! In fact, teeth whitening is the most commonly requested service in cosmetic dentistry. When you get your whitening done at All Smiles, you’ll get service that’s faster and more effective than anything over the counter.

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Benefits of a Brighter, Whiter Smile

When you have a bright, white smile, it can help you feel better. Your newfound confidence will help you relate to people in new, more natural ways. You will smile more and might even find you have a renewed sense of happiness.

Studies have suggested that facial muscles, especially those used in smiling, have a strong connection to the brain’s emotional centers. When you smile more, you are more likely to feel positive emotions – no matter what may be happening around you.

If you’ve been trying “OTC” whitening solutions and nothing works as well as you hope, it is a sign that whitening is right for you. In addition to helping you feel great, dental whitening will save money versus all those expensive pharmacy products.

It’s worth treating yourself to this fast, easy, and effective procedure.

Professional Teeth Whitening for Special Occasions

Our whitening procedures are so fast, you can get them in advance of your major life events:


Wedding photos capture memories that will last a lifetime. Especially for the bride and groom, it’s absolutely essential to feel full confidence in your beautiful teeth so you can look back on smiles. In fact, any member of the wedding party should think about whitening!


Birthdays, anniversaries, the New Year – whenever you get together with the people you love most may be a good time for whitening. Many of our clients have requested whitening in advance of major vacations or even family reunions.

School/Professional Photos

Graduation is an important moment in any young scholar’s life, so consider getting whitening done before the big day. Professionals who anticipate getting photos done for work, a website or even social media profiles can also consider it.

Teeth Whitening Services

With All Smiles as your teeth whitening dentist, you can choose your teeth whitening procedure:

Day White

Day White is a powerful tooth bleaching gel that can radically improve the shade of tooth enamel in just minutes. The gel is used with specialized trays that attach to your teeth. You only need to use them for 15 minutes, twice a day, for two weeks.

Night White

Similar in function to Day White, Night White is a gentler gel because it is made to be used all night in specialized trays, while the patient sleeps. Many people prefer this simple option rather than making time for twice daily treatments with Day White.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening can be performed right in the dental office. During this procedure, a potent whitening gel is applied to your teeth and then activated using a special light. Beforehand, a cleaning is typically performed to ensure best results.

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