Many people feel concerned when they find out they need root canal therapy, but a root canal is an important way to protect your dental health. Root canal pain can be kept to a minimum and serious infection can be halted in a single visit.

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Do I Need a Root Canal? Checking the Warning Signs

A root canal is performed when the pulp of a tooth has become infected as a result of tooth decay, opening a route for the migration of bacteria into the tooth. If untreated, this kind of infection can spread to surrounding tissues throughout the mouth and even beyond.

If treated promptly, the effects of an infection can be controlled. When you need the procedure, root canal symptoms include severe pain in the affected tooth, prolonged sensitivity to temperatures, darkening of the tooth and swelling of the surrounding gums.

Some patients experience a boil or pimple-like blister on the gum line, which is an indication of an infection, which may be noticed before pain develops.

What to Expect from Root Canal Treatment at All Smiles

At All Smiles Dentistry, we’ve performed hundreds of root canals. The purpose of the procedure is to remove the tooth’s infected pulp. This need not be an uncomfortable process – in fact, sedation dentistry is available. Our doctors ensure that a local anesthetic is used to make sure the patient is comfortable during the procedure. Once the pulp is removed, a dental crown covers its visible surface and restores its function. You only lose the ability to sense hot and cold in the tooth.

Procedure Steps

Any significant procedure begins with a complete examination, including an X-ray, to be sure the problem is completely understood. Then, anesthetic is used (or sedation applied) and a dental dam is inserted over the area to protect the tooth from saliva and other irritants.

A small opening is made in the crown of the tooth and the pulp is cleaned from the pulp chamber and inner root canals. The root canals are filled with biocompatible materials and the opening is closed off using a temporary filling. In a second visit, this is replaced with a crown.


The root canal procedure is fast and very safe, but it is also complex and involved. Only a highly trained dental expert can perform it. As a result, it does tend to be somewhat more expensive than a regular cleaning or a dental exam. Specific costs depend on the number of teeth being treated and the extent of the restorations required. All Smiles offers a variety of payment plans to help you access the dental care that’s right for you.

Sedation Options

We understand that not everyone is comfortable in the dentist’s chair. There’s no need to worry! Dental sedation lets you “nap” comfortably for the duration of your procedure. Afterward, you awaken fully with no memory of the event.

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