All Smiles Dentistry provides the people of Lake Jackson, TX and the surrounding areas with a full complement of orthodontics services for straight, healthy teeth for adults. When it comes to children and most teens, we monitor them and correction is coordinated with an orthodontist.

Our staff members are certified in teeth-straightening solutions including 6-Month Smiles, Invisalign, and Clear Correct.

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With the right treatment, it’s possible to improve tooth alignment at any age. When teeth are properly aligned, they are stronger: Force is distributed evenly across the mouth while eating, making damage to teeth less likely.

Treatments usually last 6-18 months and often produce complete resolution of bite problems.


Malocclusion is a general term for misalignment of teeth that describes situations where the upper and lower teeth do not fit together as they should. Although some childhood habits, like thumb sucking, can cause malocclusion, it usually arises when the jaw is too small for the teeth.

Common Bite Problems and Treatable Cases

Many people who suffer from malocclusion have more than one problem with their teeth. Still, most issues are easily classified into just a few main categories:

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Overbite and Underbite Treatment

An overbite is a misalignment of the teeth where the upper teeth overlap the lower ones and are more pronounced than the lower teeth, while an underbite is the opposite. Serious cases can cause problems with speech, eating, and other activities. Overbite correction with braces is recommended.


A crossbite occurs when one tooth is closer to either the cheek or the tongue than the corresponding tooth in the opposite dental arch. In contrast to an overbite or underbite, it is a lateral form of misalignment.

Crowded Teeth

“Crowding” can occur when teeth are crooked or too close to one another. Some simple cases may have limited effects. Severe cases, however, can make it more likely that teeth will loosen, fall out, or damage the soft tissue of the mouth over time.

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Orthodontic Services for All Ages

With expert support, most bite problems can be totally eliminated at any time of life:


Young children should be monitored for malocclusion as their permanent teeth erupt. In some cases, problems can be avoided through changes to dental health habits.


Youths with bite and teeth alignment issues can benefit from a wide range of aesthetically pleasing options including Invisalign and Clear Correct, both of which are removable for eating and easy cleaning.


Adults have a full range of options for malocclusion treatment, including Invisalign, 6-Month Smiles, Clear Correct and traditional braces.


Seniors should see a dentist regularly to evaluate the teeth for age-related problems. Solving alignment issues can help ensure the teeth remain strong in later life.

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